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This database is to provide us with your contact details, including email address etc so that we can send you details of racing, mooring availability, functions and association business etc. We also have a duty to comply with Data Protection Act 2018 and therefore you are asked to confirm that you are content for us to retain your information. Anyone abusing this free service will have their entry removed. This site is governed by Adtels webterms and Adtel and partners will have no liability related to the content of any published information/material, whether or not arising under the laws of copyright, libel, privacy, obscenity, or otherwise . Similarly the description of goods or services sold by third parties are in all respects the responsibility of the vendors or service providers. Normal caveat emptor cautions apply and no warranties to fitness for use are given by Adtel and partners. Adtel and partners, Adtelfree.com and LateComers.com do not warrant the content, accuracy or veracity of any Material or other information on the Adtel Websites, the responsibility for which rests with the Advertisers.

1. You can search for your entry by your name or that of your boat or a date e.g when you paid your sub. say, 2019-02-20.

2. The detailed information is revealed by clicking on the open book item. open.gif - 0.18 K

3. Note your details and reference number e.g No. 1002 and make a note of any password you used to lock your entry.

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