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This database is to show the IF-Boat race calendar on our website.

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1. To find an event first select a named race or a category, you can use the top box in the search form to do this eg Royal Cornwall . Use the other boxes see below white text to refine your search, e.g. class say, Ajax, category (COGS) or venue name, say Eddystone or date Saturday 15 June, (jun) or Thursday. If you hit "Go" with nothing in the searchbox above it will give all the events in the Calendar.

2. The detailed information is revealed by clicking on the open book item. To see details of all entries in your selection use reformat detail or detailed into frame. open.gif - 0.18 K

3. Note the details and race reference number e.g No. 52693 and then add your boat as a starter to advise our class captain that you intend to take part.

4. The format for in-putting the date field is 2019-04-21.

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