IF-Boat Class Rules : Background

Class Rules.

The UK IF-Boat Association follows the Swedish International Class Rules with a number of local variances. The latest approved UK Class Rules are dated 2002, shown at this link are to be amended and are translated from the 1997 Swedish Rules. The draft UK Class Rules for approval at the 2019 UK AGM are at this link.

The main changes are summarised below:


3.14. Boats are required to carry VHF radios (with access to M2 channel if racing from the St Mawes SC start line) to facilitate communication with the race office, safety boat or coastguard of any problems experienced or observed.
3.15. Sea Toilets. There is no requirement for an Operational sea or chemical toilet to be fitted or for the appropriate seacocks to be retained.
3.16. Crew Limitation. IF Class Rules Para C.2.1 does not apply. ((a) Crew of 2 or 3, (c) same crew for whole regatta where not more than 7 days). The only crew requirement is that the ‘skipper’ shall be a member (Full or Associate) of The Association.
3.17. Mandatory Equipment. IF Class Rules Para C.4.1.(a) (i)-(iv) is copied here and applies under UK IF-Boat Class Rules (see also Paras 3.9, 3.14 and 3.19)
(i) A bucket or bilge pump
(ii) An anchor weighing at least 7.5 kg. Any chaining shall not be included in weight.
(iii) An anchor warp with a minimum diameter of 12 mm or minimum strength 2300 kg at least 30 meters long. Any chain may be counted in the length.
(iv) Two lines with a minimum diameter of 10 mm. Each line at least 10 m long.
IF Class Rules Para C.4.1(a)[ (v) – (viii) do not apply]. ((v)Bunk pillows and cushions, (vi)Cover to the companionway made of plywood, plexiglas or GRP; it may have a ventilation grill. The cover may be divided in two, (vii) Kitchen, (viii) Life-vests for all crew members).
3.18. Optional Equipment. IF Class Rules Para C.4.1(b) lists optional equipment. UK IF-Boat Class Rules allows depth sounders as the only electrical/electronic equipment (additional to radios) permitted for use during racing. The Association recognises that some boats will have integrated systems fitted/carried: these must be switched off (or other displays not available where the depth sounder is integrated) during racing under UK IF-Boat Class Rules.
3.19. Engines. Para C.4.3(b)(i) identifies an Outboard engine as ‘optional that cannot be used during racing’. Under UK IF-Boat Class Rules:
a. Those boats fitted with inboard engines will be entitled to the appropriate time allowance as determined by the handicap system used by the event organisers or as determined by The Association at its AGM to all Class, Handicap and Pursuit races.
b. All boats not fitted with an inboard engine are required to carry an outboard engine when racing.
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