1.  The home pages of each database have clickable icons below the narrative - you can use the switch button and menu to chose the one you want:

  info.gif - 179 Bytes  Information/faq
  add.gif - 180 Bytes  Add entry
  search2small.gif - 1015 Bytes  Search Categories

 2. The following three icons are very important, they will be either next to the listing or in the toolbar below:

  open.gif - 190 Bytes  Open a listing to see full entry
  edit.gif - 225 Bytes  Edit your listing to correct or make changes
  home.gif - 220 Bytes  Return home to see the entry you have just added

3.  You can add an entry quite easily. No registration is required but for some of the datatabases you will need to login as member with the password you have been given, it would be helpful if you add your email address and boat name when you make an entry. Add your photos and advertise your boat for sale complete form as in example, choosing sale category.

Step 1  Click on the add entry icon

Step 2
  Add picture; use the browse button to find the image on your own computer

The image should be a jpeg or gif and no more than 1000 pixels in width and not too high resolution, so that it loads quickly

Step 3  Put a title and a description of the picture adding your name, boat name and email address 

Step 4  Press the continue to review button and then if everything looks right save your entry by clicking on the save button.
But you should try and remember the personal password (e.g your initials) you use when saving your entry which you will need if you want to later change it.

4. The detailed information is revealed by clicking on the open book item or the wording of the item itself in the short list. To see details of all entries in your selection use reformat detail or detailed into frame. open.gif - 0.18 K

5. Anyone can add their requirements to the crew register.Search the events database for the details and race reference number e.g No. 52693 and then add your boat as a starter to advise our class captain that you intend to take part. You may enter a day Thursday, a date, 1 August or month 'aug' or if you leave the search box empty and hit 'go' all the events of the year will show .

6. When in-putting data into the Starters database the format for the date field is 2019-04-21.

7. To vote or add a comment you will need to login as a member with the password you have been given (hint-local navigation mark). You do not need to register as a "friend" on any of the databases. Please make sure you complete the name and boat fields when you add the comment. This will ensure that we can comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and you are giving us permission to retain this information as it appears on site. Some fields will not be visible to anyone else other than the Class Captain.

8. To login click on little face symbol below uguest.gif - 0.18 K which will turn yellow. uother.gif - 0.18 K then click on edit/reply edit.gif - 0.18 K to see this icon reformat the results to short you will see a list of all comments click on the link or icon uguest.gif - 0.18 K for the appropriate one and make your comment.

9.  We have certain simple rules which we ask you to follow, these are set out in full in Adtel & Partners Webterms.

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